Sociology Writing Manual: From Start to Finish

Sociology Writing Manual Cover


Table of Contents


PART I: Examining the writing process

1. Introduction to writing in sociology (Heidy Sarabia)

2. A Sociological perspective on grammar and mechanics (Charles Varano)

3. Using Outlines to Support the Writing Process  (Jacqueline Brooks)

4. Developing the academic/scholar voice (Kevin Wehr)

5. When (Standard) English is your second language: Navigating Language and Writing in Academics and in Life (Antonio Sarabia)

PART II: An in-depth look at the research paper

6. The Importance of introductions  (Heidy Sarabia)

7. Writing about sociological theory  (Kevin Wehr)

8. Literature reviews (Amanda M. Shigihara and Heidy Sarabia)

PART III: Collecting data and writing

9. Quantitative Methods (Amy Liu)

10. Ethnography (Mark Carnero)

11. The power of testimonio methodology: history, components, and resources (Nancy Huante-Tzintzun)

12. Historical Analysis in Sociological Research (Amara Miller)

PART IV: Wrapping up the writing process

13. Reporting Results and Engaging in Scholarly Discussion (Patricia Morris)

14. Revising and Editing (Todd Miglaccio)

15. American Sociological Association (ASA) Style Format and Citations (Amanda M. Shigihara)

PART V: Writing beyond the classroom

16. The personal statement (Chris Pappas)

PART VI: Appendix

Writing Activities

A. Soc 102: Literature review draft (Jacqueline Brooks)

B. Soc 102: Research proposal (Jacqueline Brooks)

C. Soc 120: Media research assignment (Miguel Ruiz)

D. Soc 164: Interview a migSoc 122: An immigrant experience (Manuel Barajas)

E. Soc 136: Interview an activists (Heidy Sarabia)

F. Soc 164: Interview a migrant (Heidy Sarabia)

Assessment Rubrics

G. Sac State University-wide Writing Rubric

H. Sociology Department Writing Assessment

I. Soc 120 Research Assignment Rubric (Miguel Ruiz)

J. Soc 136 Research Paper Rubric (Heidy Sarabia)


Suggested citation: Sarabia, Heidy, ed. 2020. Writing Sociology: From Start to Finish. First Edition. Sacramento: CSU Sacramento.